Typo in German use.html

There is a typo in the german use.html in chapter:

Zusätzliche Anmerkungen 2nd paragraph (missing letter is bold):

Verfügt Ihr Internetanbieter über einen Zeitserver oder Sie kennen einen guten Zeitserver in Ihrer Nähe, sollten Sie diesen nutzen anstelle des NTP Pools. Die Zeitsynchronisation wird dadurch besser und es werden weniger Netzwerkressourcen genutzt. Selbstverständlich können Sie die Zeitserver des NTP Pools auch zusätzlich zu den Ihnen bekannten Servern hinzufügen.

I know it’s quit picky, please don’t mind… thx

There are more: /de/join.html has “Packete” and “Packeten”. That should be “Pakete” resp. “Paketen”.
I found that a day ago when I signed up and added my first server.

Hi both. Thanks for the corrections - the page here shows how to send updates and corrections: https://www.ntppool.org/en/translators.html


Hi @elljay,
yeah… I figured that out even before I posted here, I (anonymously) cloned the repository because I was interested in the backend running all of this.
But then I saw this post and thought that I can reply also, before creating an account on github ( :scream: I do not have one there yet, I was active in the days of cvs on sourceforge and berlios…that dates me…)
But that is the plan for the next couple of days, I ran out of things to tidy up during the reign of the human malware, currently spreading around the world :slight_smile:
So I will try to proofread the german translations over the holidays.

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Hi @gunnar, yes, this human malware is certainly making time for unusual things! Happy proofreading! :slight_smile: