Can I flood(ddos) to protest against russian invasion of ukraine

I have 3 VPSs and each have bandwidth of 7gbps, so it add up total of 21gbps and enough to paralyze all russian zone ntp servers. I do this act just to show my solidarity on ukraine, so i would like to know whether this action is allowed by ntppool(server other than russian zone will never be affected).

Hi, appreciate your intentions, but no that’s absolutely NOT a good idea! The pool logic puts servers that it thinks are geographically close to Russia in the ru pool, so there will be a ton of servers outside Russia in the ru pool, so you will end up clobbering lots of private individuals who have volunteered their servers that are outside Russia.


As to whether the pool “allows” it, the closest I can find is from here

Be friendly. Many servers are provided by volunteers, and almost all time servers are really file or mail or webservers which just happen to also run ntp. So don't use more than four time servers in your configuration, and don't play tricks with burstorminpoll - all you will gain is extra load on the volunteer time servers.


That kind of an attack would not really bother the Russian government at all. If anything, it would give the Russians an excuse to launch cyberattacks against other countries – “they’re attacking us, so we’re striking back”.

Likewise, if there are Russian people living in your country, it’s counterproductive to harass them in any way. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but many Russian embassies in European countries have recently tweeted asking Russian people living in those countries to report any “harassment issues” to them → “We’ve received reports that Russians are treated badly in country X, maybe we should liberate them as well”. You know how the spin goes.

So, in short, please exercise restraint. Do note that there may be Russian NTP pool server operators lurking on this forum as well.

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I can only second that. It would rather hurt simple, innocent Russian people. Out of those people many are against the war. That kind of action would rather push them to stand behind their government.


First of all, this is not a good idea as you can hit servers and machines that have nothing to do with the conflict.

Second, and this is the part where the ‘west’ is hypocrite, many other states have done the same (I do not mention names) do the same and also murder civilians as well as torture people or lock them up without a trial.

None of those other countries except Iran ever got a boycott or sanctions.

I do not pick any side, but when the country is Russia the ‘west’ starts to act, if the country is xxxxxxx and friends with ‘the west’ nothing happens.

Either condemn them all or none of them.

I do not support Ukraine or Russia, it’s their problem and started in 2014, look up Minsk agreements (yes also singed by Ukraine, Russia, Europe and a few others, not the USA).

Don’t believe all they say, also check what parties will make loads of money from this conflict.

As said, there is no good or bad side, it was going to happen ever since Ukraine ignored the agreements.
Also, Nato and the ‘west’ have pushed Zelensky to give his middle-finger to Russia.

Read and get informed about the situation, as it’s not what the media tells us, they are biased:

As in all conflicts, it’s the people at the bottom that are hit the most, never the top!

That said, we should not get involved, not now and not ever.


@Bas Starting a war in a neighboring sovereign country is something from the middle ages. If you think ‘giving a middle-finger’ is a good reason to kill people, you are out of your mind!

You have no clue do you? Look up Agent orange…

Spoiler: Agent Orange - Wikipedia

The country that used it never got any sanction at all, it’s the same country that used atomic-bombs.

They killed millions of people and I’m out of my mind? It’s just one of a number of countries that kills humans for no reason.

Or look up Guantanamo…enjoy…same country! Yet nobody cares in ‘the west’.

Spoiler: Guantanamo Bay detention camp - Wikipedia

So much for your remark about abusing/killing people, want some more proof of ‘the west’?

How about this one?

Nothing happens, yet Palastinians are being killed by the masses, this is normal? I don’t think so.

I do not consider myself as part of ‘the west’ nor do I take sides, except those of innocent people being murdered.
Regardless the country that does it.

By doing so, you would be causing an attack not only on the end NTP servers, but also on the authoritative servers responsible for DNS in the Pool.
This is clearly a violation of the NTP Pool terms of use.
An acceptable thing to do is block requests from Russian IPs on their own servers, although this practice is useless in the context of war.

Or you can reply wrong time to Russian clients. In ordinary NTP scheme the wrong time will be discarded as falseticker, but if the client is running SNTP it may accept the wrong time, and cause disruptions in Russia land.

then i have an idea, since base on my server record there is really really few russian clients despite 1000mbps setting, so the effect is too negligible. Therefore i would like you to add my server to russian zone

You must first know how to differentiate Russian (or any single country) clients and clients from other countries, and how to serve different time to different clients. Or you will just give wrong time to the world and will be kicked out of the pool very soon.

All of these ideas, is a very bad idea.

You seem to forget that many ‘GPS’ devices use not only GPS but also the European Galileo, the Russian Glasnoss and many more.

Also, many people use VPN’s to get information that is blocked some other way. That may include time.

Do not mess with time, as it will bite all of us after a while.

Don’t forget your GPS is mostly using several (all) systems to give you accurate road-directions, not only the GPS system.

What you are proposing can have serious impact on all traffic on the world. Do not go there.

Cutting Russia off from the internet also means that the people have no sources of ‘correct’ information anymore, you make them slaves of censorship where they see nothing except what the regime allows you to see.

At Sat-TV they banned Russia-Today, this means I can not see what’s happening in Russia and thus I have to trust the ‘good-west’ for giving me the right and correct information.

I want to be free to collect information and not being censored, at the moment Russian (people) are censored and the ‘good-west’ is cutting them off from other info. At the same time they cut me off to see what Russia has to say.

Sure, Russia-Today is telling everything in favor of Putin, but Zelensky does the same in favor of Ukraine…however being given just 1 side means that we have no way to check what is really going on.

Luckily Al-Jazeera still has access in all area’s and brings pretty accurate news, except in Israel where they killed their journalist on purpose. Wait, that doesn’t matter as she was a Palestinian, then it’s allowed to kill them.

As soon as censorship starts you are starved of real information as you get only 1!!! side, like we get now.

How do you verify it’s all true? I do not trust any party in this conflict…not Europe, not USA, not Nato, not Ukraine and not Russia. The truth will come in probably 10 years.

“I am in this picture and I don’t like it.”

I am (or rather was) a citizen of Donetsk, Ukraine. I’m really sorry for my behavior and for bringing even more politics here, but I will not be silent when accused or mistreated.

  • The problem between Ukraine and Russia hasn’t started in 2014, the actual war started 2014;
  • Ukraine didn’t ignore any agreements, this can be easily checked by searching for uninvolved party view on agreements;
  • Bringing here US and atomic bombs without bringing here General Douglas MacArthur is a way of giving only half of truth and choosing the side, if you want to stay out of conflict please don’t support any party instead of passively targeting one of them;
  • Bringing here Israeli/Palestinian conflict without a map of daily shellings is quite the same thing:

    If you never saw Jerusalem sky you have no right to speak about this conflict.

Personally, I don’t support OP intention to target NTP hosts, it’s just throwing money away and thrashing traffic on your VPSes too, you can’t cause a lot of trouble this way… or rather you might cause some unintended trouble in places you never expected to target. If you want to be at war - target and plan your attacks, join army, donate to charity organizations, but don’t do wide uncontrolled attacks.

If you are curious and want to see what you can cause by badly targeted attack - history already has examples for that. Omagh bombing - Wikipedia

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Yes they did.

You may want to read them.

Can we now please close the subject as it has nothing to do with the ntppool.

Post deleted and cleaned up as wished by marco.

As NTP Pool we stand for a free Internet and are also against any illegal activities (as written by the thread creator).

Political discussions are acceptable up to a certain point in any community but here it’s going too deep and too far in the wrong direction.

I think the rest of the NTP Pool team feels the same way.