Still unable to register a vendor zone

I tried to rectify the client configuration and address this issue in an upcoming release. That’s in fact something we’ve been trying to achieve for years – literally. Now, given the fact that all the effort has proven to be futile as we haven’t been able to even initiate a conversation on the topic with anybody from the NTP pool project I do not see a point in pursuing this goal any further.

Indeed, the pool should not be used in commercial applications. Though the concept was valid, the experience over the years has proved it to be unreliable and unresponsive. Projects that need accurate time should plan for their own NTP servers.

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@ask Seems like something that should be able to be fixed quickly now,?

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Or maybe it requires rewiring the Internet… :man_shrugging:

@paulgear, do you think that there could be something infrastructural preventing @ask from seeing my messages?

Not to my knowledge - he should get a notification for every @ask.