Lagging IPv6 server status history graph

Hi all,

When checking the status of my NTP servers today i noticed that the server status graph is lagging for IPv6 servers only. IPv4 servers status graphs are OK (uptodate).
Also, the server scores for IPv6 servers haven’t updated since around 5:00 AM UTC.

NTP Pool Status page shows all systems are operational. Also the IPv6 servers can be ping-ed over the web… any chance someone knows whats going on?

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I checked monsjc2. It stopped polling for IPv6 at 2023-02-15 05:52.
I don’t understand the code enough to debug further, so I sent a note to Ask.

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Ask fixed the problem.

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Great! I can see it is better now

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Looks like the same problem is back again. Status/server scores not updated or calculated for ipv6 servers.

Anybody seeing the same?

Is this what you mean?

IPv6 polling from monsjc2 has been quite erratic recently. Its a problem with monsjc2 itself.
Here’s a graph showing the variation. (It should be almost flat)

My IPv4 graphs look spotty, too, just not as much as IPv6.

Yes, exactly

| decibel
March 12 |

  • | - |

Is this what you mean?

While this spotty monitoring is not a problem when your server is part of the pool, it is most annoying when you are out of the pool due to connection/ server issues and want to be part if the pool again (score above 10)…


@ask Can you please look into this? My IPv6 server 2a02:a46d:7ac:1:213:95ff:fe1d:f6b1 cannot join the pool because score remains too low as a result of erratic/infrequent polling by monitoring server. Even though it has been running ok for more than a day now.


Mine (2600:1700:68b7:600f:5482:6bb2:1512:cd2e) seems to be in the same situation.

I have the same issue - looks to be better last couple of hours

Your issue was most likely the bug in the code for the new monitoring software that was fixed about 12 hours ago. Monitoring upgrade - #35 by ask