Serve only one Country

Is it possible to only serve a specific country? Can this configuration be requested for an NTP Server?
Thank you

You can’t as you need to block all IP’s that are not related to your country.
That is impossible to do.

But why do you want to do that? The DNS of NTP-pool tries to give the best servers for your country anyway.

If you have too much traffic, then simply set the bandwidth lower and your server is being accessed a lot less.

You can’t as you need to block all IP’s that are not related to your country.
That is impossible to do.

I do not agree because I am already doing it with the ip’s / country database.

I simply want to remove europe / @ and dedicate my server to my country where there is currently 0 nothing else. I only ask if you can change the assigned zones. Even if it is not active in the pool requests from port 123 come in from everywhere always that is why I have blocked queries at the country level.

If it is not possible, it is not something that is going to take me away from sleep. I can set the minimum speed and I will receive the requests but everything that is European will be blocked although they are distributed by dns according to the zones / servers. I’d rather ask and do it right but if there is no possibility there is no problem.I preferred not to have to activate the server in the pool and to block all requests except those from the country I want to serve.

thank you anyway.

In this post Ask says " if you email the email address listed on the manage servers page (search for “To change other server information”) then a ticket to someone with access to change the zones will be created."

The latest guidance from Ask was that servers (except in a few very specific cases) should be in the zone where the server is physically located (so the users get the best performance as the server is close by). As you say low speeds will generally only serve the zone they are in (depending how many servers are in the zone).

I fail to see why you want to be in the pool at all.
Lowering the “speed” will only make you listed less when the DNS is queried for servers.
Limiting to 1 country only is not only impossible but also disrupting the point of the pool.
Because if there is no NTP-server in a country, the pool will show alternatives.
This doesn’t mean people in some countries are starved of proper time, just means they get it a bit further away.

Only people that specify a particular pool could get less servers, but most systems take general-dns-pools, as such you see Europe and the World accessing too.

Most people that you want to “target” will use the world-pool anyway.
Time-wise they will not be starved from the correct time.

Even if people get time from far away, they still get the correct time as time-losses underway are corrected.
You may want to set the “speed” as high as you can, then you serve them better, regardless the EU and World requests.