Selecting "3 Gbit" netspeed gets me "100 Mbit" instead

I noticed more netspeed options appeared once I’d verified my servers, so I tried increasing that setting for some of them. Choosing “2 Gbit” seems to work as expected, but if I choose “3 Gbit” (as I just did for 2a05:b400:c::123:63 as a test), the display shows “100 Mbit” instead. This looks like a bug: I’d expect choosing “3 Gbit” to cause the displayed netspeed to change to “3 Gbit”.

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Yes, when changing the system to requiring verification to increase the net speed I adjusted some of the options, adding higher ones and changing the “remove from global zone” threshold to be “10 mbps”.

I obviously didn’t test the higher net speed options properly! Thanks for reporting it, @bjh21. I’ll push a fix.


Thanks! I’ve successfully set some of my servers to “3 Gbit” now.

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The >1Gbps options are very useful to me as my LeoNTP servers can handle a lot more traffic than that from the 1Gbps option.

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Remember that not the “true” netspeed. It’s a measurement how often your ip address will be listed in a dns request :slight_smile:

I changed a few servers’ netspeed from 1 GBps to “monitoring only”, but according to the interface they are still part of the regional zones, only removed from the global zone (@).
Are “monitoring only” servers indeed still part of the regional pools, or is this just a bug in the UI ?

(it’s hard for me to tell from the actual traffic, since they still receive residual traffic from existing clients)

@ghen3x welcome to the community!
I guess assignig a regional zone means that the IP of the server is found in that region. However, as it is in “monitoring only” its score of participation is zero in geoDNS, so the IP never really ouccuring in the DNS.

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Not sure I would call this a bug, thinking that maybe it was fully intended that way. But I concede it is not intuitive/consistent with the behavior regarding the global zone symbol.

The netspeed is set to 0 and the server won’t be included in any zones, regional or otherwise. It might still be included in the count of servers for that zone though.

The “removing from the global pool” is just a side effect of the “if the netspeed is less than X” function.

(this feature was added from this suggestion ~4 years ago: How about a "0" speed so users can add monitor-only servers? · Issue #193 · abh/ntppool · GitHub )