Reasons to not set netspeed to maximum?

Hi, I added a mostly idle VPS to the pool yesterday. Initially I was unsure about how to set the netspeed. I started with a low value, then seeing that my server barely saw any usage, I ramped up the netspeed up to 1000 MBit.

Now my server has reached monitoring scores close to 20 and is handling about 700 packets a second - and is barely using any resources for that. Now my question is: If the resource usage is so negligible, even on a weak VPS, is there any reason to not have the netspeed at maximum settings?

Hello Sebhoster, and welcome!

Netspeed is really nothing more than an indication of how frequent your server will be selected by the algorithm. In regions that are well provided with pool-servers, it might result in low traffic, whereas in regions with very few pool-servers the maximum setting might overwhelm your VPS.

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A speed above 1 Mbps makes a server part of the global pool. This means that pool clients from all over the world will contact the server, besides those from its home country.

I did not know that. And I’m not sure I’m happy about it, when true.

Setting the speed >= 768 kbit and the server will be in the global zone

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I’m a bit confused. I know I could consult the code, but isn’t there some differentiation at 1000 Mbit as well, e.g. only servers set at the maximum are included in responses for clients from another country?

Note the difference between included in a given regional or global zone, and included in responses to queries from a given country, as @Ask moves the pool to be driven more by client location than DNS zone name.

Thank you all for the replies. So if I wanted avoid the global pool, I would have to set netspeed to 512kBit. And if I have performance problems due to NTP traffic I obvoiusly need to go lower. In conclusion, if I am fine with being in the global pool and don’t have performance problems I see no reason not to set netspeed to a gigabit.

I haven’t looked at the code too. Just switched through the netspeed setting of one of my servers :slight_smile: and the global zone apeared after setting the speed >= 768

Maybe something to be written to the FAQ

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Yeah that’s true. But the lowest speed is 512k

May i ask in which zone your server will be / is placed ? You can also just link to score page of the ip.

The threshold to become part of the global pool should be in the FAQ and it should be higher. Much higher, like 100 Mbps.

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It does, you can see it happenening when selecting the speed.
That is why my servers run at 512Kbps.

At higher speeds you see the @ added, meaning it will serve the world.


The same “Net Speed” setting for different regions could mean completely different load to the server.
While you are seeing ~700 requests/second in your region for 1Gbps, it brings 30K requests/second (average) in my region…

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Ask added new “Netspeed” settings and the global zone will be set if the speed is >= 12Mbit.

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