Net speed - another question

What would happen if I am the only server in a country, set my ‘net speed’ nicely low, but there are a lot of clients trying to connect nevertheless (like when you are the only IPv6-server in South Korea) ?

Would there be a possibility that I would still receive many requests in spite of a low ‘net speed’ setting? :thinking:

I think I’ve found the right bit of code - it says “for now just put all IPv6 servers in the ‘2’ zone”. So for an IPv6 zone with one server - it lists that one server every time! I can take yours out of the zone if you like :slight_smile:

No need, thanks. It was more or less a hypothetical question, but with a serious undertone though. I wanted to know if I can actually rate limit my server with the ‘net speed’ setting and effectively protect it from too much traffic (or not) in scenarios where for example other servers would disappear and mine would be one of the few left. A situation not at hand now. Just curious.

I thought for zones with few servers the code added some servers from the other zones in that country to spread the load, but looking at the code it only does that for IPv4. Once there’s more than one server in a zone I think it adds up all the net speeds for that zone then servers each server in proportion to it’s own net speed. The help file has “This [net] speed does not mean the wire speed of your server, it’s just a relative value to other servers [in the zone].”