Problem in Microsoft azure vps

I rented a Microsoft vps, the server location is India, as shown in the picture, the score decline soon after the server is listed on ntp pool when the score rise above 10. Is it because Indian population is so large that my server receive so much ntp queries that Microsoft think I am experiencing ddos and temporarily blackholed my IP, how can I solve this problem?

When I login my windows 10 vps and check the traffic flow, I found it very unstable, before it can go up to 20mbps but suddenly it fall to less than 1mbps.


reduce the “Netspeed” of your serve on the “Manage Server Site” to the lowest speed (384kbit).
This will remove your server from the global pool.
Let it be on this speed for a couple of days or a some weeks.
If it works well, raise the netspeed to 512kbit.

Do this until your server will break then reduce the netspeed one level.

Oops, when I set to the lowest net speed, it is too late, the VM is already crashed and there is still large amount of traffic rushing into my machine according to azure portal, if I reboot, it will soon crash again, so I need to change my IP now

Just wait a day or so, most clients will drop the IP if it doesn’t respond. Or disable NTP service for one or two days, meanwhile leave the netspeed at the lowest setting.

Now I have changed to Linux, Linux may be more stable

What VM size do you have in Azure for NTP? Each VM size has different limits, including network speed. I had similar issues few years ago trying to add small Azure VM do NTP pool. I guess they limit also the number of packets or flows per second, not just the raw network speed in mbps.