Feature suggestion: In server speed settings, have a PAUSE option

Currently one can fudge the amount of traffic received by way of a relative (not absolute) value. I propose that there should be a PAUSE option. The use case:

Currently there is no way to stop traffic without deleting a server which takes time. And more critically: adding a server back in often puts it into the wrong zone, requiring tickets/DMs/volunteer labor to fix.

If we try help out a zone that needs help and there are only 4 servers in that zone, 2 of which are Cloudflare and the 4th one is us, even setting the speed to the lowest setting can DDOS us if a single server leaves. I am experiencing this currently and this puts me into this dillemma: Delete the server and then have a whole song and dance involving multiple people to get it back into the correct zone or leave it as is and suffer a poor score and deliver unstable performance.

A “Pause” button by way of a Net speed option of 0.00 Kbit could be a useful addition.

Yes, this would be a good idea. In the meantime, if you block UDP port 123 traffic from, and (or maybe fewer blocked addresses suffices, ymmv), your server’s score will drop below 10 fairly quickly when the monitoring server can’t reach your server. When this happens, your server will not be included in the pool until you remove the restriction. I use this method to keep my used bandwidth within my bandwidth quota automatically. At this moment I push around 6TB of NTP traffic per month (total) from my servers. EDIT: probably suffices for this purpose.

Also note when deleting a server: “We will stop putting your server in the pool two weeks before the scheduled removal date”. If you set the delete date two weeks from now, your server will not be included in the pool during that time and you have two weeks to cancel the deletion.

@avij ,

Tested both suggestions and that’s a perfectly good workaround. Thank you!

I notice threatening to delete < 14 days from now “pauses” inclusion and blocking the monitor also works well. Score drops below 10.00 in a very short amount of time. So both suggestions work perfectly for traffic inclusion/listing management.

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