Priviledge to split topics

Who has the privilege to split topics to move some comments into a different thread?

Uh, we have needed this so rarely that I’m not really sure! I think some of the volunteers who help with the email have access to this. Assuming you are talking about the IPv6 thread, I’m honestly not really sure what to do with it. I don’t know that giving the “is IPv6 worthwhile?” sub-thread it’s own thread makes sense. I guess we could split it out and then hide that part of the thread so it’s not advertised on the front page (as it’s a bit off-topic).

Was that what you were referring to, or something else / more ?


Yes, I am thinking about to clean-up somhow the IPv6 thread. Certain comments are realy off-topic there. At least to split some comments into a thread titled “Is IPv6 worthwhile?” and some other topics to move into “My fritzbox does no provide AAAA record.”

AVM Fritz is investigating what is happening. Yes it does provide AAAA record, but not when a round-robin has more then 4 IPv4 records.

It’s not offtopic as Fritzboxes are sold and used by most providers in Europe, is they all have this problem, and they do, they do not give NTP IPv6 servers.

There is nothing offtopic about, it’s a problem with the implementation of IPv6 in many devices.

You may not like it, but it happens. If we do not make router-makers aware of problems, then IPv6 will never be adopted or become mainstream.

I do want IPv6 to work, but it has many flaws, in the protocol and on devices. It’s that simple, but some don’t like me report on it.

Off-topic does not mean that the comment is useless. It can be really valuable as that is the case now with the unexpected behavior of the Fritzbox. Off-topic just means that there is a significant deviation from the original subject of the topic, in that case Intention to enable IPv6 by default in 2017. The issue with the AVM Fritzbox is so important, that it merits his own, dedicated topic. The developers of the Fritzbox supposed to appreciate your findings, and all users of this device would benefit if the unexpected behavior is corrected.