Can you enable IPv6 on * please?

I’m in the process of creating a bunch of geographically redundant IPv6 Stratum 1 NTP servers and I’m hoping we can flick the switch on enabling AAAA record on all the AU pools (au.pool along with 0, 1, and 3).

This will tie into a further chicken-and-egg talk about IPv6 at in January, and I’m aiming to have at least 6 100mbit+ Stratum 1 NTP servers in datacenters around AU by then.

Unfortunately, because most people are lazy and just put ‘’ into their NTP servers, they don’t get AAAA records, so they don’t get IPv6 and it’s a vicious circle of me not being able to show usage, which means people aren’t using it.

This is supposedly being worked on. See this thread: Intention to enable IPv6 by default in 2017 and this one: It's 2019 and still no IPv6 by default?

The code has been written, it’s just not been merged