Monitoring station has issue with the IPv4 part of my NTP

Hi, my NTP at has both an A and an AAAA record. The IPv4 part of the hostname always stays in the negative as the monitoring station has issues monitoring it. The IPv6 part is doing very well (score of 20) and is currently in the pool. When I delete the IPv4 part of the server and try to add it again, the site reports it “can’t check NTP status” a few times but after a few tries it gets added but again goes in negative over time - my profile is

I’ve used two different query sites to verify my NTP is working correctly and they all report success. I’ve done maybe 20 or so tests using these sites and each time all appears fine, both on the IPv4 and v6 part

It’s showing a lot of i/o timeouts for your ipv4 address. I pinged both IPs and they had similar ping times of ~150ms, and no packet loss. I can only assume there must be some overloaded or unstable link between the monitoring server and your server’s location (as typically UDP packets are the first to get dropped), the ipv6 traffic is probably taking a different route and that’s why it is unaffected.

Thanks, my suspicion matches yours. Why is there only one monitoring station? IMHO it’s better to have 3 or 4 all at different locations. Having just one and if something happens to it, it’ll break the whole pool (at least, that’s my understanding; i could be wrong)

Multiple monitor servers are in Beta. Beta system now has multiple monitors
If you want, you could also add your server to the beta site:

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^^^ What he said…

There is also this thread you can read, hopefully the multiple-monitoring will be implemented soon: Additional monitoring servers (help wanted)

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Thanks for the link to the beta site, I had no idea it existed.

Even better, after you introduced your server to the beta-system, you can see what happens:*

Change the IP for your own, then see what monitor is faulty.
As it has time-outs. For me it’s Newark but LA and Amsterdam are fine.

Sadly the normal system only uses Newark, so what ever I do, I can not get it right.