Is there data on retension of pool servers?

I was wondering if there are any numbers, insights or statistics with regard to the loyalty of NTP servers in the pool?

So, do servers stay long in the pool, or is it rather the other way around and do most servers come and go on a regular basis?

I would also be interested in statistics about the bandwidth that participants assign to their servers.

That says that servers come and go, but not much more. I was hoping for more details (which I meanwhile received offline by a good person).

Got ya, wasn’t sure the detail you were looking for other then YOY growth or decline.

Hi @marco.davids

I have a mostly full record of when servers were added and when they were removed. Let me know what you have in mind in an email or direct message and we can figure out how to get you the data.

There are some edge cases not recorded:

  1. Servers added, removed and then re-added might not be tracked for the period where they were removed.

  2. IPs kept in the system in a “not active” state won’t have a date stamp, but typically they are servers that shouldn’t be added to the pool and are tracked that way so they can’t be).

(This data might also indirectly be available in the monitoring data).

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