3.ie.pool.ntp.org downtime?

We had an issue with one of our DC’s not connecting to 3.ie.pool.ntp.org server for a period of time on Sunday, 3rd July.

Is there a way to check downtime of servers, or even an archive of historic events for pool servers?

Many thanks

There was an outage. Not sure if it’s related. The outage didn’t show up on the status page, but pool servers weren’t polled. Graphs showed a gap for a few hours. @ask probably knows more about it.

monsjc1 was not polling pool servers 2022-07-03 08:23 - 2022-07-03 19:33
I don’t know why.

Sorry I don’t get this, if you run a datacenter, why not configure backup servers that you know work even when the pool has a problem.
You use a very limited pool, being 3.IE only, it’s unwise to only use such a small section.
Entire IE is just 30+ servers.

Datacenters typical have their own NTP-server that can be used as primary or as backup.
But never seen datacenters to use a tiny pool, mostly using the big pool.

Most datacenter I know have their own NTP stratum1, else they select 8~10 stratum 1 servers to feed the datacenter.
That way you don’t have this problem.

Never feed just 1 line, even when it’s a pool.

Also, it seems most servers in IE pool are hosted at OVH. If there’s a routing hickup from/towards your datacenter, you will likely not be able to poll the time - and the pool monitoring wouldn’t notice this.

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