How come scores are different?

How come the scores are different on the management page compared to the server-per-server page?
I have seen this often, they differ.



Shouldn’t they be the same?
This isn’t a one time event, I see this all the time, they differ almost constantly.

And my second server, same issue:


single server page:

As said, it happens constantly.

Before the updates to the website in recent months, I got the feeling that the public user and score pages are cached, and the management page is not, so the scores on the public pages might be ten or twenty minutes out-of-date.

Don’t know how accurate my impression was, and I don’t know if things have changed.

Edit: Caching could be seen more clearly by refreshing the CSV output.

The score values are inconsistent on the public profile page alone probably due to cached values, but that is OK:


4.5 <-> 3.7