Possible monitoring system problem


This is showing a recentmedian of -23.4 but the 5 active monitors are showing -23.4, 12.4, 14.5, 20, and 20. I would think the median should be 14.5.

Also 12 of the 16 testing servers are showing >18, with 4 showing negative scores.

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Thanks @davehart. Someone else sent a similar email to the ticket system today. I haven’t had time to look in the logs (and might not for some days). I’m guessing something happened so the checks weren’t running at the normal interval and the system was left with a single server in the “servers worth considering” time window (20 minutes I believe).

I’ll confirm and figure out what the fix will be.

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I’ve also been seeing scores all over the place from the new monitoring system for a couple weeks - was getting barraged with emails when you first launched back in march, has been stable for months and now I’m getting a few emails a day again with really wacky measurements pool.ntp.org: Statistics for