Don't purchase hosting at this host for NTP use


Yesterday I purchased a two core, two GiByte of memory, 5TiByte bandwidth OpenVZ VPS for a year at, and I guess the really good luck I had with in HK did not roll over. Solved By Data blocks outbound port 123/udp at their edge, will not fix it, and has a clock sync off by 15 seconds, and will not agree to fix it. Luckily I only coughed up $15 and the thing really tested in at 85MiByte a second on a 1GiByte file test on my primary VPS in New Jersey (The Solved By Data VPS is in NYC). This means I may find some kind of use for it (Of which I can’t think) and at the moment its 30GiByte SSD is filled up seeding torrents of popular Linux distributions.

Edit: next time I will just go with the usual OVH OpenStack KVM with unmetered 100MiBit for $3.50 a month. But I have to wait on my budget first.

Noah J. McNallie