Digital Ocean will be charging for bandwidth as of 6/1

Heads up for people who have high traffic pool servers hosted by Digital Ocean they will be charging band width overage as of 6/1 ($0.01 per GB). This would add $80/month to my bill.


Which bandwidth setting do you use? Hopefully maybe enough contributors can add a server at a lower capacity setting and even it out a bit.

(There are a lot of NTP users at DO, I believe…)

It seems they will be charging only for outbound traffic. That’s good. Any information on how exactly do they count traffic, i.e. does it include ethernet headers?

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No idea how they count it. There tools are pretty crappy and don’t break it down by machine.

I just had to turn my Bangalore server down from gigabit 4 and 6 (which was consuming 12TB outbound a month) to 384k on both which is still running 95GB a day (it’s a 3 core box withe a 3TB allowance). If it starts going over I’ll have to drop if off the pool entirely. The other box I have on DO is Singapore and thais at gigabit (4 and 6) and consuming ~2.4 TB a month.

The overage charge is twice the base bandwidth rate ($10 TB vs $5) so it’s actually cheaper to buy and idle small instances than it is to pay the bandwidth overage. I may investigate Monero mining on some and see how the that balances the cost [update: Monero benchmarks indicate I’ll make $0.12 a month :slight_smile: ]

Mining is factors better on a gpu or fpga or apic. You really can’t score on a general purpose processor because of this. The opcodes used are much more efficient on the mentioned hardware than what a general purpose processor is capable of.

Apparently ovh sold me a VPS that is receiving 100kpps from a ddos attack

Sorry to hear you have such high amount of traffic. I’m working at getting a new VPS functional in the China zone that should be able to take a third of the load. At the moment my CN zone machines are getting booted out of the pool as soon as they enter and I am working on figuring out what is going on, perhaps it will help your situation.