Digital Ocean will be charging for bandwidth as of 6/1


Heads up for people who have high traffic pool servers hosted by Digital Ocean they will be charging band width overage as of 6/1 ($0.01 per GB). This would add $80/month to my bill.


Which bandwidth setting do you use? Hopefully maybe enough contributors can add a server at a lower capacity setting and even it out a bit.

(There are a lot of NTP users at DO, I believe…)


It seems they will be charging only for outbound traffic. That’s good. Any information on how exactly do they count traffic, i.e. does it include ethernet headers?


No idea how they count it. There tools are pretty crappy and don’t break it down by machine.

I just had to turn my Bangalore server down from gigabit 4 and 6 (which was consuming 12TB outbound a month) to 384k on both which is still running 95GB a day (it’s a 3 core box withe a 3TB allowance). If it starts going over I’ll have to drop if off the pool entirely. The other box I have on DO is Singapore and thais at gigabit (4 and 6) and consuming ~2.4 TB a month.

The overage charge is twice the base bandwidth rate ($10 TB vs $5) so it’s actually cheaper to buy and idle small instances than it is to pay the bandwidth overage. I may investigate Monero mining on some and see how the that balances the cost [update: Monero benchmarks indicate I’ll make $0.12 a month :slight_smile: ]