Delete server from pool, added unsolicited in the first place

I got word that the server ( was added in an unsolicited manner to the pool. How can one remove it?

Hi, will send you a PM…

Ugh, this goes to the need for having a feature for the operators to verify they control the server. Thank you, @ziegenberg.

Emailing server-owner-help at ntppool will make a ticket (now better staffed with volunteers than ever), and the volunteers manning the support queue will soon have better features for resolving this sort of thing (in progress on the beta site).

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Emailing server-owner-help as an option for help was not easily to find on the homepage. Maybe this can be put more prominently? By any chance, is there an abuse contact available?

Verifying ownership of server is not as easy as verifying ownership of domain I guess. Any thoughts of possible solutions?

There’s a thread here Verification step to add a server with a bit of discussion and possible plans…

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@elljay thank you very much for the hint!

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