Clarification of issues related to my ntp pool

  1. The pool’s name is not the company I am working in but the internet provider of my phone(AS 17924 Smartone Mobile Communications).
  2. I add ntp servers not owned by myself only because I want to contribute to the pool but not hacking. I violate this rule only because I just joined ntp pool and do not know the rules clearly.
  3. After knowing the rules, I have deleted all the servers not owned by myself
  4. I already tried my best to keep my server IP constant, but sometimes the phone will automatically switch off due to forgetting to charge the battery or switched on airplane mode accidentally. Both of the two cases will cause a change in my IP. So in the future I will try my best to prevent the above accident from happening.

Regarding your point 4: Do I understand you correctly, that you added your phone as a pool server?

Sure. I tried to use my computer with a 100mbps/100mbps connection and isp of hgc global communications(AS 9304)to host ntp but the isp cut my internet when there is too many ntp packets so my score drops. But the phone ntp server seems stable and the score don’t drop so oftenly

Talk to them. What they are doing is incorrect.

As per the rules for joining the pool, I’m quite frankly not sure if a phone ntp server is considered a good choice. People using the pool rely on the pool servers to have a very stable IP address that doesn’t change or only does so extremely infrequently (say once a year or less frequently).


The isp claim that they cut connectiononly because they want to prevent UDP flood DoS against my computer

OK, I see. You may still tell to the ISP that you would like to switch off the UDP flood DoS protection on your connection.

They said that this is the company policy that cannot be easily changed

Sorry, I did not realized earlier how strange it is. I may understand if the ISP cuts your connection because they want to prevent UDP flood DoS against someone else, originating from your computer.

But if they cut your connection because someone else is already attacking you via UDP flood, that means that they are with the attacker, making the situation even worse for you!

But at least my computer won’t be damaged due to prolonged CPU overloading

Several threads on this so maybe helpful to pull them together:

@wilsoncheung0719 please can you confirm:

  • Your “computer” is a mobile phone handset?
  • The connection to it is mobile phone network GSM signal?


Computer means my laptop, before I use laptop as ntp server but failed due to ISP cutting connection when there is too many ntp packets

Now I use mobile phone as server and it is a success

Your phone is able to respond to NTP requests, that much appears correct.

Your phone claims to be NTP stratum 1. That is incorrect.
[The actual stratum is 2 or higher.]
Your phone claims to have 0 msec uncertainty (dispersion). That is incorrect.
[It was in error by over 250 msec at 2020-05-31 05:20]

I see no simple way to improve the performance.

But my ntp score is high, just look at this photo. Also,although there is a large offset, it is far below 25ms

25ms is incorrect(typing error), it should be far below 250ms

Please give me evidence that my server’s time dispersion was over 250ms at 31 May 05:20

My NTP monitoring client is located in Tokyo and is sync’d to UTC within a few tenths of msec.

This is what I see for 2407:8000:8001:80::8 (, an NTP stratum 1 server operated by the Hong Kong Observatory:

The computed offset (top graph) is stable and is under one millisecond. The HKO server and the monitoring client are in agreement. The HKO server advertises a variable root dispersion: around 0.16 msec. This is fine for most Internet users.

This is what I see for for the same period:
The offset (top graph) for this server drifts and briefly exceeds 250 msec.

You should be able to use your computer as an NTP client and do your own measurement. Set up NTP on the laptop (as client, not server). Use these configuration lines:
server 2407:8000:8001:80::8
server noselect
In other words, synchronized to the Hong Kong Observatory, but monitor your phone also.
Your phones offset can be seen via
ntpq -np


But if the stratum or the dispersion were important the Pool code would take account of that in the score surely?..

I have successfully run the server for 3 straight days, score 20 yesssssss