Successful running my NTP server for over one day

I am a new comer to ntp pool(registered on 9 May), before I have done many trials to run my ntp consistently: First using my computer but it is eventually a failure since the ISP cut my connection when the score of ntp reach above 10, so finally my ntp server is not accessible by ntp users and score drops. Then I use my phone as ntp, I still face some obstacles in running ntp consistently since sometimes the phone’s battery ran out due to forgetting to charge or accidentally switched to airplane mode(my IP will change when I restart my phone or reset my connection by airplane mode). But now, I finally managed to keep my phone online for over 24hrs and it is a victory for me. Albeit the fact that the offset is a little bit large, my server score still can reach 20

And here is my NTP server(location is Hong Kong)traffic statistics(the time is Hong Kong time GMT+8)

please leave some comments pls

Please stop trying to run pool servers on a dynamic IP. That is rule number one of the pool, and is not one you should break.

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If I can maintain the battery power by always charging the phone and avoid the phone from switching off, my IP will be always static. I will try my very best to achieve this.