Changes at Equinix Metal (ex Packet)

There is a good writeup at NTP Pool servers on Kubernetes on Packet | NTP Pool News about the setup of NTP Pool servers on Packet from 2019. Three years later, Packet has been acquired by Equinix and is now branded as “Equinix Metal”, and data centers are being updated and modernized and some older server types decommissioned.

It’s going to be necessary to do work on this set of servers, with some of them going offline and many systems needing to be rebuilt in new data centers. I think there’s time to do all this over the summer if the effort begins relatively soon.

Equinix Metal provides a set of servers to the NTP Pool project, but does not run them ourselves. @ask and crew will need to be leading this effort, and I am happy to help in any way.


I’d be willing to help, if I can. Remotely, that is.

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Who cares, just ask another big ISP to take over.
There are plenty that can do this task.

Why should this be a problem?

Heck, even a private server in Holland can take over with a 500/500mbut fiber connection.

Don’t forget, most of it is just DNS-assignment and cached all over the world.

I see no problem to move it anywhere that have better servers and peers.

It’s not quite that simple but I fail to see why you are getting so angry about this. All they are saying is we need to migrate to the new server’s. It’s not like he just came in here and said it has to be done tonight or we are charging you 10K. Your reply was really out of line and improper.