Monitoring station log not updated

I keep monitoring my server scores every day to make sure that it is more than 10 so that it is working correctly.

For the past 24 hours or more, the log and graph are not updating.

The last line in the log says:
1625122907,“2021-07-01 07:01:47”,-0.00442671,1,17.8,6,“Newark, NJ, US”,0,

Appreciate it if the pool admin can check the status of the monitoring

Thank you.

On the beta site as well. Newark seems to have stopped working yesterday:

Amsterdam and Los Angeles monitor seem to work normally.

I can confirm this. The last poll my pool server received was 2021-07-01 06:59.

Same here since yesterday. Also cannot reach management portal today. shows all green …

Apologies for the tardy follow-up. The switch the monitoring server is behind failed; and it took me too long to figure it out. Obviously the multi monitor plans would have been handy to have implemented now …

I was working tonight on getting a replacement monitor system setup when the particular IP that the websites is behind stopped working from outside the Equinix Metal network. I was pretty sure I’d screwed something up so it took a few hours to realize that the combination of things that works and didn’t indicated a problem elsewhere. I’m working with Equinix Metal support on that now; and temporarily added another (working) IP to the system for the manage site.

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Edit: It works now :slight_smile:

Thank you.

The portal is now up, but the monitoring is still stagnant.

I will keep an eye on my server stat and will report it here once it starts getting a new log.

Thank you again. :smiley:

Monitoring is running again now (on a new server).

Also, this was good motivation to finish the multi-monitor system for the production site… grr!

Verified monitoring is working again. :+1:

Fingers crossed that its fixed the score issues by swapping monitor’s. Seems like my score hasn’t randomly dropped yet on san jose like it used to on newark which would take me out of the pool.

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What are the IPv4 and IPv6 addresses of the monitoring stations in SJC, please, so that I can monitor them from my side?

Thank you.

Can confirm that now my IPv4 addresses don’t constantly drop out of the pool since the monitor switched to San Jose.

There are occasional drops, but the score hasn’t fallen below 18 yet.

Thanks! Hope the NJ monitor is dead for good >:-)

Spoke too soon :frowning: One is at 8.3 now (5 drops today), another 12.3…

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My server monitoring graph is also stuck. The last check was on 2021-07-01 07:06:37.