Can't remove old server, can't add fqdn of new server

Hi folks,

9+ years ago I added my 1st ntp server to ntp pool. 5 years ago I added a new one and remove the old one which all works fine and easy.

Now it was time to replace the old one again.

Well, as I noticed, my old account is invalid and all mails I sent to

“help at ntppool org”
“server-owner-help at ntppool org”
“ask at ntppool org”

are unreplied.

The only mai l’ve got was a automated notification that my I old server isn’t operating anymore and I should schedule the old IP for removal and add the new one on the management web site.

But, this doesn’t work because my old account is invalid and from the new account I can’t manage my old server.

As I read at another locaction the mainteiner(s) changed the accounting to Auth0 some time ago and didn’t move over the old accounts :frowning:

Anyway, at the moment my ntp servers have the following status:

My old npt server isn’t running anymore, I can’t remove it myself and mails asking for support keep unreplied, see :

“www pool ntp org / scores /”

After creating a totally new account I was able to add my new server, but can’t add a fqdn to it, see

“www ntppool org scores”

So my two questions are:

  • How do get my old server remove (old account is invalid, see above)?

  • How can I add a fqdn to my new server?

Thanks in advance for reading and replying


Hi moose, thanks for having your servers in the pool. :slight_smile:

I’ve added the hostname to your current server - it’s pretty much only for info though - the pool doesn’t use the hostname I believe.

As for your old server, you’ve emailed the right place… It’s not something us volunteers have access to change, but apart from being untidy it doesn’t affect anything.

Hi elljya,

thanks for your quick reply and your support!

You’re right, is the A-Record and reverse pointer of my ntp-server, but I’d like to use its C-Name (without 2) instead of this - like at my old ntp-server. The “2” is just for me so I’m able to quickly remember at which location this host ist running.

Could you please fix this? Please know, if I’d be able to correct it myself I’d have done so.

Again, thanks in advance,


“www pool ntp org / scores /”

After creating a totally new account I was able to add my new server, but can’t add a fqdn to it, see

“www ntppool org scores”

Did you get a ticket number when you emailed? I don’t see either of those IPs mentioned in any (unresolved) tickets sent to the server-owner-help address.

Hi, no problem - 'tis done :slight_smile:

Great, thanks a lot! :smiley:

Hi ask,

sorry, don’t have any ticket numer.

Please find the content of the mails I sent to the related addresses below

Betreff: NTP Server Pool
Datum: Mon, 29 Jul 2019 12:13:53 +0200
Von: …at ig-haase de
An: ask at develooper com

Hi Ask,

I’running a NTP server which belongs to the ntp pool for 9+ years now.

Now, after 4 years since last change I moved it to new hw and assigned
it a new IP address. Its name (DNS A-Record) didn’t change. It remains

ntp ig-haase de

as before.

Old NTP server’s ip address was:

see also

New NTP server’s ip address is:

May I kindly ask you to perform the required steps to add the new one to
the pool and remove the old one?

Thanks in advance and greetinx

Betreff: 2 things about my nopt servers in pool
Datum: Mon, 29 Jul 2019 20:33:49 +0200
Von: … at ig-haase de
An: server-owner-help at ntppool org


today I added a my new ntp server to the pool.

Sadly, on its score side https www ntppool org scores
its name ntp ig-haase de is not listed as it has been for my old server.
See https www pool ntp org scores please.

May I kindle ask you to add the servers name ntp ig-haase de to the
score side https www ntppool org scores ? Thanks in advance.

Second problem: my old account I used for adding my old ntp server to the pool doesn’t work anymore and several tries to
reactivate this old account failed.

May I kindle ask you to remove my old server from the pool? It will go
offline during the next days at least on 8 of August 2019.


Have a nice day


FYI: With the changeover in the login system from 2016, if you re-create an account with the same email address that was used before, the system will link existing servers to the new account.


answerd him right now in the ticket system … so this ticket is solved?



Hi Knot3n,

  • How can I add a fqdn to my new server?

done - thanks to @elljya :slightly_smiling_face:

  • How do get my old server removed?

don’t know - no access to my old server, may be (old/new) account related prolbem. URL still active.



Thanks for your hint, littlejason99!

And yes, I this procedure was known to me.

The main problem was (and still is) that my old account got invalid by the change of the account management in 2016. I didn’t know this and didn’t get any hint/information on how to get back access to my ntp server’s side.

May I suggest to post the required steps at a prominent loaction so it becomes more easy for ‘old’ ntppool contributors to get informations about the required account movement process and the regain access process to get back access to their ntp server(s) management side?

Because if they can do it by themselves long discussions and postings like this would be superfluous. And both sides would spare a lot of time.




Just now I got a mail asking me to reset my password for my re-created old account. Now I’m able to access my old ntp server’s website, i.e. the renewing of my old account has been done successfully.

And I was able to schedule the deletion of my old ntp server myself - great!

Thanks to all involved!




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