Build maintenance on Github/Semaphore

It looks like the geodns repository has run on Drone and Travis previously. Now it’s running on Semaphore, but all the builds for my PRs are failing on a specific build step not present or defined in the repo.

Is the Semaphore build editable for everyone? How do we fix builds in general? Do we need @ask to step in or are there other suitably-permissioned maintainers?

Hi Tydavis, and welcome!

To be frank; I don’t really understand any of this :stuck_out_tongue:. But I happen to come across this change. Is that what you where looking for perhaps?

That’s what I was talking about, yes! :smiley:

I also submitted a few of my own PRs and they are also failing on geoipupdate -v :confused:

That’s why I thought I’d ask if 1) we had the option to fix it on behalf of Ask, or 2) there was a process to get Ask to fix it.

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