403 file not found error on IPv6 addition

I am receiving the following error while attempting to submit the IPv6 address `2402:9e80:0:1000::1:68d6’ for addition to the pools:


This issue seems to have been resolved.

That’s pretty odd – you should only get that error if your cookie and the page is “out of sync”. Glancing at the code (that I wrote 12 years ago!), it can happen if between when you load the page and post the form you pass the 12-hour mark since your token was last cycled. … or if something else goes wrong I suppose!

Another way to invoke 404 on server management page:

  1. Edit server netspeed using dropdown box
  2. Then click on any of the server’s zone entry
  3. The www.ntppool.org link will erroneously become manage.ntppool.org and fail, resulting 404

Thank you for the detailed steps to reproduce. I fixed this on the beta site.