Web- and management site update today

The website and management site have been upgraded to the version that’s been in beta testing for the last several months.

The update comes with a very mildly updated UI (and many underlying changes for that), new and updated translations and dozens of minor bug fixes.

The biggest new feature is that a login (a single user) can now be associated with multiple “accounts” (and an account can have multiple users).

These changes are part of the foundation for other upcoming and planned features on the manage site.

The monitoring software is also getting some careful updates (before the bigger update of supporting many more monitoring stations).

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I have some design issue with management module on the left side screen https://nimb.ws/Te5nLl

Thanks. I will see if I can figure it out. CSS is hard… does it happen with Chrome, too? (Wikipedia says the Yandex browser is based on Chromium)

yes, I have some issue in the clean google chrome installation and in the firefox https://nimb.ws/erUBzp
I have old macbook and my screen is not big - 1280x800 pixels and maybe on full hd it will be look better

Experimenting in my chrome browser, it appears to start overlapping when the width gets to about 1370 pixels…

Maybe have it shift from 3 columns to 2 when the width hits 1400 px?

I tried adding an improvement to how the long “unbreakable” account names are handled now (similar problem for the logout link with a long email address).

It’s deploying to the beta site.

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