The time has come: we must enable IPv6 entirely

Off course they don’t care - which is why it requires techies like us to keep things running smoothly, without bothering the average user too much.

You just keep making those claims, without providing any quantification. Some 54% of all participating NTP-servers of the pool, are reachable via IPv6. That is a lot of potential that is currently not being used to its fullest extend.

This is not about squeezing the last bits out of IPv4 and whether or not that is the best way forward. This is about harnessing the potential of the many IPv6-reachable NTPpool servers that exist at this very moment, sitting there almost unused. While there is an ever increasing amount of IPv6-capable clients (millions and millions worldwide), anxious to use them via IPv6.

Why are you writing this? Nobody is forcing anything upon anybody. Think of it this way; did anyone forced you to do anything when they made this very forum-website available over IPv6? I don’t think so. It just happend, no one complained.

IPv6 adoption steadily increases in quite a few places. So it is appropriate to remind this community that there is sufficient IPv6 to justify adding a few extra AAAA’s to the pool’s DNS, just as @ask intended to do already back in 2017.