Server Stratum Differences on Status Page

The other day i noticed that for some servers I contribute to the pool no stratum is mentioned in the server management page. Strangely for some it is mentioned.
Whats the reason behind this?

Stratum mentioned:

Stratum not mentioned:

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I’ve never seen stratum level listed. Maybe it only does it for stratum 1?

or maybe IPv4 ?

I have 3 servers, all with both IPv4 and IPv6, and none show stratum level. That is indeed curious.

The ones having stratum level shown, were they added recently, maybe?

No, many years since added.

Taking a bit of a guess here, but after going over some of the source code I think the stratum field could have been dropped with the new monitoring system? Or more precisely - it just does not get updated anymore, and all servers added after the fact do not show this field since it is empty?

So to invert @Badeand s question - are all servers where this is shown older than the servers where it isn’t?

Good point, looks like a bug in @ask his server detection system, as it’s random listed or not.

See my servers, they are listed as Stratum1, Stratum2 and No-Stratum-given :crazy_face:

See this earlier response from Ask regarding his general view on stratum being displayed upon mentioning the heterogeneous handling of it:

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I remember Stratum was mentioned in the past then removed some time ago, forgot when the change was made though.

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