Include monitor status (active vs. testing) in log entries

@PoolMUC Originally I choose not to empathize the stratum in the system because I didn’t want people to think of that as a metric of how good their server was (and motivate people to fuss with it), considering that in the protocol it primarily (?) exists for loop detection – as far I understand anyway.

The column stored in the scoring log are a bit unpleasant to change across all the components and archives, so I want to be deliberate about it. (As a note for myself, this was the last time I added something: Add RTT data to archives when available · ntppool/archiver@95f213c · GitHub – the v2 monitor didn’t exist at the time).

The testing/active status does make sense to store though. Are there any other metrics or attributes that’d be interesting to store? Adding the stratum will probably compress very well in ClickHouse, so that seems okay to add as well.

@stevesommars or @mlichvar, I think one of you suggested other metrics or values from the NTP response that’d be worth cataloging once upon a time?

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