Server incorrectly categorized


Howdy! I recently created a new server in Singapore, but for whatever reason it has been classified as “europe gr”. Hopefully someone can get it classified correctly.



I think the proper channel for such requests is to write an email to


The support email did not respond well. Back in June I requested the removal of my weak server out of tw zone, but did not get a reply. After a month I had the removal done by posting here


Yeah, I’ve emailed and haven’t heard anything back. Dunno what else to do.


Maybe kindly ask @ask to look into it for you.


I’ve emailed, I’ve messaged, and I’ve posted here… pretty sure I’ve covered the bases of asking ask.


Did you email ask directly at:

He must be really busy right now, have some person thing going on, or have limited internet as he is usually always on top of things here.


Yeah, kinda makes me wonder if he shouldn’t nominate a #2 or something. Maybe there is one. Seems like a big bit of infrastructure to hinge on one person.


Howdy! Ok, changed to asia sg instead. europe gr doesnt seem right.