Beta monitoring operators/systems

I have a (very early) version of the new monitoring system ready to begin some testing. I haven’t implemented the new scoring logic and lots of other pieces are missing, but it’d be very helpful to run a more diverse set of monitors on the beta site to start collecting more data about how it might all work.

If you are interested in helping, please reply to this thread and I’ll forward instructions for how to get setup! There are a few semi-manual steps for me, so I don’t think it’ll be practical to have more than 4-6 people helping test just now, so I’ll add an update when the “testing slots” are full.

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I would like to participate :+1:

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My four dual-stacked NTP servers around the world would like to participate.

You can add my servers:

It’s a pool of 4 servers and 3 (now was 2) are dual-stack.

I’m interested in this beta monitoring.

@apuls have been running extra monitors for some days.

@aubergine, avij, @Bas & @twekkel – I’ve added you to a group so you can see the instructions for how to install the monitor (and give feedback there).

I would like to participate too :slight_smile:

Are there any requirements for the monitor, e.g. is a VPS ok, or does it need to be a real HW, or does it need to have local reference clock (GPS)?

I think it’s “even”. Just need to be “correct” and “synced”

I’m running it on VPS & HW synced by ntp. And one HW synced by GPS.

I’d like to help if your list is still open. My pool hosts are in Australia, are natively dual-stacked, and seem to be occasionally sensitive to some of the routing problems the current monitoring infrastructure has experienced.

Here to help! Let me know!

I would like to participate in monitor. Let me know!

Whoever runs deksf3-210hw9t, seems to be near to Germany, thanks :+1:
I already use its data to plot a graph for my server.

Thanks @paulgear , @eric8bits & @newshok! I have added you to the monitor group.

@mibere – Excellent! I’m working on the scoring and also on having the system select monitors that are best for each server, so this is promising feedback. :slight_smile:

After this, for now, we have enough monitoring systems to collect test data and experience, so I’ll lock this topic for now.