If your monitor results are like a jojo for IPv4....what CPU do you use?

I have a simple question as many people complain IPv4 results like this:

This is just a sample…but mine looks the same.

What CPU are you using and what OS?

As I can counter these problems with a RaspBerryPi2 and GPS that show a steady Blue-line.

Please details about the CPU and your graph. Thank you.

I do not believe the monitor-system is wrong, yes there are too little monitors, but still it will not turn you into a Jojo.

Also I do not believe UDP on Internet is this unstable. Sorry I do not.

Mine shows this:

vendor_id : GenuineIntel
cpu family : 6
model : 60
model name : Intel® Core™ i5-4440 CPU @ 3.10GHz
stepping : 3
microcode : 0x27

You can check this with: cat /proc/cpuinfo

Mine on a RaspberryPi2…be scared…

The tiny mess was running the Intel again :frowning:

Well actually I can’t, as I’m not using *nix, however…

hw.machine: sparc64
hw.model: Sun Microsystems UltraSparc-IIe
hw.ncpu: 1
hw.machine_arch: sparc64
cpu SUN4U
os 10.0-RELEASE FreeBSD

The box is actually a SunFire v100 and it’s been sitting quietly serving NTP (and just NTP) for many years. It does nothing else (except one web page saying it serves NTP!) and, frankly, it tends to do it very well, communicating the time on IPv4 and IPv6 to the UK and Europe (mostly.)

Historically the monitoring has been pretty stable, but every so often the v4 goes crazy whilst the v6 remains stable. In the last two days, for instance, the v4 is currently negative having dropped packets frequently despite Newark otherwise showing between +/-4ms whilst at the same time v6 has been a constant score of 20 and times between zero and -5.5ms. Given the transatlantic crossings I’m more than happy with the delays.



(‘Jojo’ is, I believe, a rabbit? Yo-yo is what the v4 connections are doing)

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Thanks to inform me it’s not only the Intel CPU!!
We can cross that part of the list…my i5 was halve way to the dustbin :slight_smile:

I have made progress.
My clock is ticking on the Intel again and I have not received any timeouts yet.
I will compare my ticks to yours.

I hope I have found the solution…fingers crossed, so far the packets seem to arrive tick-by-tick.

1 thing is for sure, it’s not the monitor and it’s not ISP’s, they do not filter.

I have the issue with a RPi3 as I have mentioned in the other thread