Https:// front-page varnish error front page is giving me a varnish error. I have attached a screenshot

Thanks! Last night I shutdown the old servers and forgot that the Fastly configuration had a rule to send just the homepage to the old servers rather than the new. Fixed now!

The monitoring was checking the “real” page so I missed it. I’ll add more monitoring. :slight_smile:

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No problem. Im glad it is fixed.

This problem slightly persists. If I load this domain (somehow it won’t let me add the url to this domain in this message, perhaps for avoiding CSS problems?) without the www it gives a varnish error, if the version with the www is not cached. if the version of the homepage for this domain with the www preceding it is cached, then the version without the www will forward to the www location and they both work correctly, instead of just the www version working correctly, which does work even if it was not cached. If I clear my browser cache and try again then I have the original results as explained here.

@NoahMcNallie It’s all fixed now, right? If not, which domains exactly were you trying with? Without www then “” isn’t expected to work. and should both work.