How to add a monitoring station to the pool project?

Hello there,

I’m here to ask about monitoring stations… I have a stratum 1 timeserver and a stratum 2 timeserver.

The first one is synced to UTC(LRTE) timescale by 1 PPS and we’ve removed the on-board crystal oscillator of a tinkerboard and replaced it with a synthesized signal that comes from the timescale too.

The second one is my desk running as stratum 2, one i5 that is synced to the stratum 1 (minpoll and maxpoll of chrony set to zero, requesting time every second).

The things that i’m here to ask are:
1 - How one of this can be a monitoring station for south america? It is viable? I know the pool need more monitoring stations, or not?

2 - How to do this if this is a good thing to do?

Luiz =D

Recruited before, but current progress unknown.

So, for now we can’t do that? Right?

Thank you for reply