Freifunk public WLAN network in germany

Hopefully, this is the right category to post?

Freifunk is a public wlan non profit community in Germany. router OS based on openwrt in the past, switched to lede and will return to openwrt soon.
Every community defines it’s own site.conf with ntpd-settings from (de|openwrt|lede)
To get better results, does it make sense to simply config:

ntp_servers = { ‘<lokal_IPv6_ntpd>’, ‘1.freifunk .pool .ntp .org’, ‘2.freifunk .pool .ntp .org’, ‘3.freifunk .pool .ntp .org’ },

just aliasing to entries?

entries already do resolve:

nslookup 2.freifunk .pool .ntp .org

Name: 2.freifunk .pool .ntp .org
Address 1:
Address 2:
Address 3:
Address 4:
Address 5: 2a03:b0c0:1:d0::1f9:f001
Address 6: 2a00:fd80:aaaa:ffff::eeee:ff3
Address 7: 2a01:238:439c:1900::3:1
Address 8: 2001:630:306:10::c9

Does it make sense to you?
Are the entries ok to be used?

Thanks in advance for feedback.