Every ping that Newark does it marks as timeout, yet the beta site never indicates such

The title says it all, here is the logs for beta and real:

EDIT: apparently I can’t add links, ill try replying

Replying didn’t help, my ip is

Was this your server: https://www.ntppool.org/scores/ ?
pitime.ddns.net now resolves to

I don’t know how the monitoring software handles this situation.
I see that Newark is currently (2020-12-02) polling both addresses. Only responds.

The NTP Pool instructions state " Your computer must have a static IP address "

Sorry, I just changed computers to a nice server for it. All seems to be working now. Do you know if amazon has some sort of server that has a gps/pps that I could use as a stratum 1 server?

And it also seems that newark is timing out at an interval, yet the beta site does not indicate such:

main: https://www.ntppool.org/scores/
beta: https://www.ntppool.org/scores/

The monitoring failures on the production monitoring is very regular. As soon as the score reaches 10, so your NTP server has been put into the active servers pool, for the next monitoring run it falls off. That clearly indicates infrastructure overload. What speed settings have you selected for your server?

1000mbit, probably should turn it down then. My switch is flashing like crazy and I like it. I don’t think its my network as that has gigabit internet (actual is about 700up700down), I think my hardware is the one limiting it. I am running quite a lot of other programs so I will turn most or all of them off to see what result that gives. running chronyc clients gives a very large list of users. As I said in my new post, A monitoring solution would be nice. Any reccomendations?

I would suggest to set to the lowest speed (384kbit). This will also disable the “Global Pool Option” for your NTP Server.
After a couple of days just raise the speed step by step.
If you select a speed of 1Mbit or more your server will also be in the “global pool” again.

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