Does anyone know

I came across this: and was wondering if anyone knows it and/or has an opinion.

I don’t have an opinion just yet, but I do like the AAAA records on

Never heard about it before and I too wonder what it is, who runs it and why.

Its web site doesn’t really explain what its goal and purpose for existing is. It offers usage instructions that make it seem like a public NTP pool but there doesn’t seem to be any way to join it, so it’s not.

Its use of the name “Chrony” and its quotes (which are presented like endorsements) speak only about the NTP protocol and the Chrony software, which is strange. It leaves me unsure whether they are trying to say that their project is officially endorsed by the Chrony software.

The IP addresses it presents to me are all within the same IPv4 /24 and IPv6 /32, so that’s not great for redundancy even if they are internally building it to be redundant. Their usage instructions suggest getting 10 IPs from their pool, but I would not want to end up with 10 peers that are all from the same provider. 10 peers from the pool project would be from many different providers.

Is it just a marketing effort from It seems like a good contribution to an NTP pool, not a sensible NTP pool by itself.


I have seen it before but never paid much attention to it.

IIRC the server are in the ntppool too but anyway looks like they don’t like me - got a 403 forbidden :grin:

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FWIW, their servers support NTS as well.

No privacy policy, no cookie policy, and no imprint. It does not look like this site is even legal in the EU, and that makes them look quite sketchy.

Just a note that Impressum is a German thing. It is not an EU-wide requirement.

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Having no imprint still makes you look dodgy in my opinion, even if some countries do not require it. In any case, they violate the GDPR with that website, due to the 404 on the links to the privacy and cookie policies.