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The NTP Pool system is essentially a DNS server and a registry of NTP servers. For the DNS server part we mostly use a bunch of rented servers around the world, but some are contributed similarly to the NTP servers (except managed by Guillaume Filion and myself).

If you might be able to contribute a virtual machine for this, please see http://www.pool.ntp.org/dns-server.html and get in touch.


I’m interested in contributing to the Pool as a DNS server, if possible. However, I’d prefer to run it in a Linux container, since a VM would probably be overkill for the little box I use serving the pool. I’d also like to cap the bandwidth to 1Mbps to limit the volume of traffic.


Hi @ebahapo - we’re using ansible to configure the DNS servers at the moment; I don’t think it’ll be practical for now to figure out how to make it work in a container (though eventually it’s something I’d like to do). Thank you though!

As a side note, some of the numbers on the site linked above needs updating: the existing DNS servers do ~400-3000 queries a second with brief peaks of I think 5-10 times that. Each DNS response is 200 bytes (plus overhead) so that’s I think about 1.5 mbps per 1000 queries per second?

For what it’s worth the servers in Europe seems to do the most queries a second, so it’s likely that more there would be beneficial.


I can help, I’ll send you a mail.

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