Could not decode NTP response from trace server

I receive this message when trying to add a new server to the pool or when using the test feature on an operational server currently in the pool and serving time to clients. Is this a problem I can fix, or does it indicate an issue beyond my control?

I am experiencing the same problem when trying to add a new server to the pool, for both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses.

Same here, wow glad i’m not crazy. I can verify my server is working from other tools but fails trying to add to the pool. I e-mailed both support addresses I could find but no response yet.

Yeah, none of you are crazy! Sorry about this, I am looking into it now.

Update: The “ad-hoc” check uses MQTT and the client had a bug so it wouldn’t report its online status after reconnecting. The MQTT server was restarted a few days ago to move to another node in the cluster. I wlll add monitoring for “too few monitors connected via mqtt” and also improve the error handling on the website. I’ve fixed the client, but not tagged it in a release yet so in the meantime I just restarted a few of the monitoring clients.

Thanks for reporting this, @bob, @lukas & @zedsdead!


It is working for me now; I was able to add a server (IPv4 and IPv6).

@ask: Thank you for the fix and the details about what was broken here.

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Yup same, was able to add mine now, thanks!

Thanks for the quick response. All good now.