Cosmetic improvement

As I was checking numbers after the monitoring stations update, I was confused by a small issue on the display of the number of servers:


There are 1856 active servers in this zone.

1676 (+180) active 1 day ago
1640 (+216) active 7 days ago
1765 (+91) active 14 days ago
1777 (+79) active 60 days ago
1749 (+107) active 180 days ago
1775 (+81) active 1 year ago
1856 active 3 years ago

Won’t it be less confusing to change the sign between brackets? Like “1676 (-180) active 1 day ago”.

Edit: Nevertheless we would need to keep the color scheme, minus sign being green would mean there is more server now, which is good.

I’m slightly confused. Why would you want a negative value to represent more servers. Usually a plus sign is used to represent addition or an increase from the previous amount.

In a more physiological standpoint. People often equate plus signs with things that are good and negative signs with things that are bad. For example, people like to have positive bank account balances and see positive signs on their bank statements showing that they received money rather than negative signs showing that they lost money. This is why a popular alternative to listing the pros and cons is to list the pluses and the minuses.

Well, today there is 1856 servers, “one day ago” there was 1676, there was indeed -180 servers one day ago.
You can keep the + sign if you change the sentence to “+180 compare to one day ago”.
With the current formulation you can think “there was +180 one day ago”.

I always found this presentation quite confusing, but I guess my brain is always a little bit too much confused. :-o

I see what you are saying now. I’m not sure what the best way is to make that better. Perhaps change from just (+180) to (+180 now)?

As the two of you demonstrate, there isn’t an obvious right answer to this. :slight_smile: Probably the answer (as @Bryce started on) would be to rephrase / redo it altogether.

I’ll have a think about what would make it more clear land let you know if I come up with anything