/ Servers in Pool

Hi Team

As a ham, I participate on Hamnet, a radio amateur ip network and tentatively wanted to see, what traffic is routed from the internet to the non US part of the network from an ISP, thus locally announced that route to customers.

Now I see quite ip addresses attempting to access port 123 within and I wonder if there are servers in the pool with such ip addresses. (Is there a way to check this)? seems to attract a lot of traffic.

This are usually slow links via RF and also usually are not reachable from the internet. So not sure those IP are usefull in the pool.

-Benoit- / HB9EUE does not seem to be in the pool.

Ok, thank you, trying to figure out, why a whole bunch of our customers is trying to access this ntp server then. Nothing found via Google. Does not seem to be some kind of default setup on some devices or so.

There isn’t even a server at that address or it’s blocked outside your network.

ntpdate -q
15 Jun 16:35:51 ntpdate[10184]: no server suitable for synchronization found

You may want to check inside the block. Because if somebody announces an NTP-server inside your network it could attract the traffic.

There are a couple servers in the /10, but not the one you mentioned (as others said).