Adding servers to the China zone


Thank you, Ask!
And I also want to put my new server in the CN pool, is that possible?


Great, added and 2400:8901::f03c:91ff:fe44:131b to CN zone. Thanks.


OK, added to CN pool.

Look at result from Zurich station, seems we need a monitor station in China.
Is there any instruction to set a monitor station? I want set one for test purpose.


Hey, getting back to this slightly old Topic, I have a server to be added. If that works out with the load, I might have another one.



I’m glad to say my company Tencent(a Chinese tech company) is serving the CN pool now.
5 1000Mbps-servers with GPS source.

We need some time to optimize network and incorrect stratum issue.


This is amazing, thank you @maxmeng! I notice from the graphs today that there are periods where the monitoring is scoring them low. I know the name Tencent β€” you’re a huge operator, I doubt the problem is at your end.

@ask: is the problem here that the monitoring vantage point is outside China, and any packet loss is unfairly penalising their scores?