Adding servers to the China zone


Thank you, Ask!
And I also want to put my new server in the CN pool, is that possible?


Great, added and 2400:8901::f03c:91ff:fe44:131b to CN zone. Thanks.


OK, added to CN pool.

Look at result from Zurich station, seems we need a monitor station in China.
Is there any instruction to set a monitor station? I want set one for test purpose.


Hey, getting back to this slightly old Topic, I have a server to be added. If that works out with the load, I might have another one.



I’m glad to say my company Tencent(a Chinese tech company) is serving the CN pool now.
5 1000Mbps-servers with GPS source.

We need some time to optimize network and incorrect stratum issue.


This is amazing, thank you @maxmeng! I notice from the graphs today that there are periods where the monitoring is scoring them low. I know the name Tencent — you’re a huge operator, I doubt the problem is at your end.

@ask: is the problem here that the monitoring vantage point is outside China, and any packet loss is unfairly penalising their scores?


This is an instance where I wish the pool was working with the RIPE Atlas team, they have probes in almost every country and could query NTP servers for a more accurate local reading.

Heck, if RIPE doesn’t donate the resources, I would be willing to at least donate my credits to see something like this happen.


Using RIPE Atlas would be really interesting, indeed. (For China specifically their coverage is pretty limited though).

The work with RIPE Atlas is building something to use the API and then figure out how to cancel out “noise” appropriately (Atlas will always find problems so you have to figure out which are noise and which are “real”, or at least what the reasonable thresholds are).

(Other work is having the monitoring system deal better with many more test probe results without using too many resources or making the system more fragile; I’ve been fussing with that for way too long).


@maxmeng – this is amazing, thank you so much!


Any Update on my server?


We have student administered datacenter at Kajaani University of Applied Sciences. Currently we are looking for real world usage for our servers and bandwidth. It would be ideal way to test our 1Gbit uplink and firewall with China pool.

You can add to China pool.


Please also add my server to the China zone:


You are welcome to add my servers as well:
I have more than enough bandwidth and can easily get more. I’m going to add a server with 10G transit in a few months.
As you have clearly got a lot, you may only want to add my two germany ones if you have enough already but I am happy for you to add all of them.