Adding servers to the China zone


Added to the cn zone.


Ok, both IPv4 and IPv6 added.


Added to the CN pool.


Thank you. And I just added few more JP servers that should have good connections to CN.


And I have added them to CN aswell. Thanks for helping.


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Remove from cn zone

Expierencing problems

To much


Ok, removed.

I would say that the CN zone is underserved to 1/3 of whats needed and thats why you experiencing problems. It was stable when it was around 50 servers, now its 17 servers.
My 100 Mbit server get about 40 Mbit/s when listed in the pool.


Although somewhat off topic, please help removing my out of tw pool. Only serving hk+mo is more suitable for my aged hardware…

Server incorrectly categorized

Ok, fixed…


Hello, please add mine.


Please add my


Added to CN.


Added to CN.


I’ve created a new server in Singapore, and, that you are welcome to add to the CN zone.


Hi iocc,

Can you remove from CN pool? I have datacap on that network provider. I already set net speed to 384kbit, but still getting 700kbyte/s ~ 3000kbyte/s incomming traffic.

Hence I got a new server with unlimited traffic allowance (, and I want to put that in the CN pool instead.

Thank you very much.


Done, thank you for giving it a try!


Thank you, Ask!
And I also want to put my new server in the CN pool, is that possible?


Great, added and 2400:8901::f03c:91ff:fe44:131b to CN zone. Thanks.


OK, added to CN pool.