Yealink Phones use by default

I was playing around with Yealink Phones, when I noticed, that in factory defaults, those Phones have hardcoded the CN-Pool as NTP Server.

Firmware T48-, not the newest, but maybe 1 or 2 Versions out.

I have tested this on T48G, T46G and T41P, but it is most likely also the case for the entire SIP-T-series(T5x, T4x, T2x).

I couldn´t find any engineering contact at Yealink(I only have one sales contact), so if anyone is working with yealink might have better luck.

There are of course many providers out there using yealink phones and customizing them(like Deutsche Telekom, BT, nfon,…) and might configure different ntp servers, but many may not.

Interesting, they should apply for a vendor zone instead.
Yealink belive all their users are in China for ever and ever? :slight_smile:

If the device’s time zone is defaulted to UTC+8 then using the China zone is somewhat reasonable. And it is configurable anyway. At least better than hardcoding some random poor ntp server’s IP address:ghost: