URGENT!Unexplained 20-30 percent increase in traffic through my server(note that there is NO other application running on server)

All the times are Hong Kong time, usually on weekdays the traffic peak at about 285-295MB per 3 hours at 21-24 o’clock and hit the lowest at about 195-210MB per 3 hours at 3-6 o’clock. However though my traffic monitor, I find that there is a considerable increase in ntp traffic though my server starting from yesterday with peak traffic of 346MB per 3 hours and the lowest traffic is 261.3MB per three hours which is far higher than normal. I just want to ask whether this is only an isolated case happening to my server, or an event that happens on all ntp servers. In other words, do you guys observe such amount of traffic increase in your server

Usually traffic is higher on weekend, but today is a weekday

And in the past 3 hours the traffic hit 310MB per 3 hours, at which the traffic is usually 270MB per three hours at this time of other days

can you reply me soon the investigation result of traffic increase

First it’s not other people’s business to debug your setup, especially on a rather different setup (running with smartphone device and mobile broadband, not using common NTP programs like ntpd or chrony).

Regarding your “peak”, 346MB/3hr is nothing for a normal and dedicated pool server.

Yesterday my outgoing NTP traffic was about 3800 packets per second in average, which would roughly become 3913MB every 3 hours. My hardware is just a Celeron 1GHz from 2000 era, 20 years old… If your setup cannot beat me in performance, then debug it would be a waste of time.


My phone hardware information:
CPU: 4 core 2.15GHz

CS Chen via NTP Pool Project <ntppool@discoursemail.com> 於 2020年6月4日 週四 下午12:06寫道:

What is your bandwidth of your home broadband connection, my server only have 2Mbps bandwidth so it is very susceptible to traffic increase which may overload my server

Low bandwidth capacity also contributes to what a weak server is, not only the hardware equipment of your smartphone device. IMHO 2Mbps is too low for a pool server to survive in Asia. And the current netspeed setting found on manage.ntppool.org cannot really prevent your server from receiving traffic above your advertised bandwidth. If that’s a problem to you then you should upgrade your mobile data plan.

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The main reason I use the low speed plan because it has no data limit while the 300/450Mbps download and 75Mbps upload 4.5G plan have data limit of 18GB

And the 5G 1000Mbps download/100 Mbps upload plan have 100GB data but the plan is too expensive

While my server traffic budget per month is 60-63 GB for net speed setting 1.5Mbps

My above server (zone: asia tw jp mo) is also advertised as 1.5Mbps in the management page, then I received 3800 packets per second in daily average, with near 6800 packets per second in peak hours, well above 1.5Mbps. If you do not want to expend more then your other solution would be lower your advertised netspeed.

Becoz you covered japan zone which have 126 million population, Taiwan which have 24 million population and macau which have 0.6 million population while my server only cover Hong Kong(7.4 million population)

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