Testing needed for ntpd pool change to whittle outliers

I’m going to trust the ntpd maintainer rather than someone who “stopped using NTPD a long time ago” on questions of how ntpd behaves.


I’m not the only one, Ubuntu stopped using it. Redhat did and in fact all systemd systems dropped it.

It’s outdated and horrible to use. It’s one of those software’s that outlived it’s usefulness but is still there. :laughing:

Chrony has surpassed it by so many ways, it’s not funny anymore.
Heck even the Chrony developer (Miroslav Lichvar) is helping NTPD developer to fix their problems.

Also the development version is from 2019.

Current Releases of NTP
Release 	Version 	Date 	Download 	ChangeLog
Stable 	4.2.8p17 	2023/06/06 	https/md5 	https
Development 	4.3.99 	2019/06/07 	https/md5 	https

That is 4 years back. Maintainer is a big word, as it doesn’t look maintained, just bugfixes rather then improvements.

If you like NTPD, by all means, keep using it. It’s far from bad, but it’s outdated compared to Chrony and systemd.

Likewise, if you like chronyd, good for you, keep using it. (I run it on most of my servers, too.)

But please stop interrupting threads where people are talking about improving ntpd to announce that you have a different preference. It’s irrelevant and annoying.


I was pretty fond of ntpsec before the developers wandered off. BTW the latest development tag for NTPD was NTP_4_3_103 early yesterday morning. I guess the documentation lags reality a bit.[/offtopic]

This periodic refreshment is now implemented in chrony-4.4-pre2. The interval is independent from the number of servers. It’s one extra DNS request per 2 weeks by default. It can be configured with the refresh directive.