Serial GPS Sync help

Hello, I have a GPS and I would like to synchronize with it.

The GPS has 3 wired going out :

  • PPS
  • NMEA over UART
  • Ground

I believe I will need to make a RS232 cable and plug it in the back of the computer but what is the pinout exactly ?

I have found this for a Garmin GPS but would it be similar ?

And later how do I make use of this data to sync the clock with it ?

Thanks for your help !

Normal GPS devices using serial connection should have at least a pair of Tx/Rx and a power circuit (+5V/power ground in your Garmin image) to make it work, 4 pins in total. So if your device has only 3 wires then it may be not using generic serial connection. You may need to check its manual for more wiring and connecting instructions…

Hi, what is the make and model of GPS you have?

This is a good guide for Garmin GPS 18 LVC with a serial connection.

I have a Novatel Pwrpak7.
Why would I need the wire going back to the GPS if I never send anything to it ?

Looks very nice!

This page has pinouts assuming I’ve found the right model…

Indeed it is !
Yes it is the right model, and I have the NMEA UART and PPS configured.
What software do you recommend once it’s connected with a serial cable to the computer ?

If you’re running some flavour of Linux I’d suggest the tried and tested GPSD - this is a good guide.

Most GPS units accept various commands, like to change the port settings, or which strings to output, soft reset, upload/download the almanac, set a static location, start survey mode, etc, etc…

The GPS is already connected through ethernet to the computer and I can communicate through the ethernet connection.

Also I can enable a PTP server on my GPS. Should I enable it and sync my computer via PTP over ethernet with the GPS ? Would the time accuracy still be good ?

Thanks !