Score/network woes



I think I spoke just a little too soon. It just dive rocketted biggly


Still not much improvement for me here in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia on AS1221 (Telstra).

IPv4 score:

I’ve enabled IPv6 on the same server and it has a much better score.

The Zurich monitor on the beta is seeing far fewer lost responses, and I have a score of 20 on both IPv4 and IPv6.

It’s hard not to conclude that there is still an IPv4 routing or packet loss issue between the LA monitor and me.


My issues persist, off and on, as well. Some days are totally fine, others my servers are being yanked from the pool off and on (because of the LA issues).


I feel like there is a pretty regular pattern to it. This is three days worth of scores.

There also seems to be a clear issue monitoring UDP over long network links and in the quality of various provider’s networks.